01 Snow Hill Station, Colmore Row

Gangsters, Series 1 (1976)
Gangsters began in 1975 as a 110 minute BBC Play for Today set in the seedy underworld of gangland Birmingham. Two six part series were commissioned and were aired in 1976 and 1978. Many Birmingham locations were clearly seen, both in the play and the following series, but the scene at Snow Hill station is one of the most memorable.

The original Snow Hill station prior to demolition in 1977. The current Snow Hill station was built on the same site ten years later in 1987.

Series 1, Incident 2 (1976)
The Snow Hill clip starts with the voice of Nicky Steele on 261 metres MW BRMB radio, proving that the setting for the series was firmly in the heart of Birmingham. Kilne wanders the deserted platforms of a now derelict Snow Hill station while Khan waits in his Austin Allegro until the rival gangs start to arrive…To Be Continued.

Series 1, Incident 3 (1976)
…Episode 3 carries on the Snow Hill scene, but you are first treated to the opening titles of the show. The fight breaks out and Kline flees into the underground area of the former station before being extracted by Rafiq and Kuldip.

More Information
There are some great old photos of Snow Hill station on Flickr that show this location as it was back in the mid-1970s.

More on Gangsters can be found on the Birmingham Roundabout website.

Gangsters The Complete Series on DVD at Amazon

Hustle Series 6 (2010)
Episode One

Police Station – Knight Frank offices, Outside Snow Hill Station, Colmore Row
The first of the episodes aired that were filmed in Birmingham. Mickey (Birmingham’s very own Adrian Lester) is interviewed by DCI Lucy Britford (not quite what Emma calls her later in the clip). At 5m50s to 6m35s Mickey exists the ‘Police Station’ to join the rest of the gang. He is soon followed by their mark, ex-banker ‘Piggy’ Richardson who leaves with egg on his face.

More Information
Hustle Series 6 on DVD at Amazon

Hustle Series 8 (2012)
Episode Three

Police Station – One Colmore Row, Outside Snow Hill Station, Colmore Row
DI Sid Fisk (Patrick Baladi) approaches Sean (Matt DiAngelo) as he leaves the Police Station and offers him a deal to free his sister Emma. See 08m38s to 10m00s

Hustle Series 8 Episode 3 on the BBC

Other Snow Hill Station Links

Norman Field remembers Snow Hill from the G.W.R. days


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