02 St Philips Cathedral, Colmore Row

Crossroads (1975)
The wedding of Meg Richardson to Hugh Mortimer is reported to be the most viewed episode of Crossroads. In February 1975, in the days before twitter and mobile phones, thousands of fans came to see the cast and crew filming scenes at St Philips Cathedral.

St Philip’s Cathedral, Colmore Row Birmingham (Reception at Chateau Impney)

ATV Today 10th February 1975: Crossroads Wedding
Wedding Kiss photo outside the Cathedral from PAPhotos.co.uk

Episodes 2301/2302 – The Wedding of Meg Richardson to Hugh Mortimer
ATV Today coverage of the wedding starts at 0m16s into the clip

Patricia Bentley (wife of actor John Bentley) recalls the Wedding Reception of Meg & Hugh at the Droitwich Hotel (Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa) – Scenes from Episode 2302

More Information
The Wedding is featured in 2 of the 12 episodes available on Crossroads Volume 1 DVD at Amazon
More on Crossroads at tour location 08 ATV Studios & Alpha Tower
We’ll Find Our Day – Holly Brown (Stephanie De Sykes) – Hugh & Meg’s Wedding Song

Hustle Series 8 (2012)
Episode Three 

St Philip’s Cathedral, Colmore Row Birmingham (Doubled as St Paul’s Cathedral London)
Young Kat meets DI Fisk to ‘grass’ on the grifters and their plans. The cut shots from around 07m17s into the clip place you in the heart of London, but the close ups put you just off Colmore Row in Birmingham. The weather gives the director a nightmare as the dialogue starts with “Lovely morning” just as a couple walk across the shot under an umbrella.

Toast (2010)

Grand Hotel Ballroom, Colmore Row
The family take a break to Penarth on the Welsh coast. The Ballroom dancing scene from 03m 00s until 04m 18s shows young Nigel (Oscar Kennedy) dancing with his Mom (Victoria Hamilton) as they talk about her illness and cooking mince pies.

More Information
Toast is available on DVD at Amazon
More on Toast at tour location 09 Broad Street

Dancing on the Edge (2012)

Grand Hotel Ballroom, Colmore Row
BBC Midlands Today feature on the five part drama by writer/director Stephen Poliakoff. The cast and crew used the Grand Hotel Ballroom as the setting for the Imperial Hotel Ballroom back in January 2012. This clip was filmed at the Council House, but gives you an idea of the 1930s period they are trying to recreate and also gives some addition background on the work of Film Birmingham.

Update – 19 March 2012 – Dancing on the Edge Trailer released
The Grand Hotel Ballroom makes a brief appearance from 00m32s into the trailer where the Louis Lester (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor) Band are on stage and Jessie (Angel Coulby) is singing.

More Information
Dancing on the Edge DVD and Soundtrack on sale at Amazon
Estates Gazette article on Dancing on the Edge filming at the Grand Hotel, Colmore Row owned by Horton’s Estate
Dancing on the Edge press release PDF

Creative England’s Facebook Photo album reveals many behind the scenes pictures of the use of the Grand Hotel and many other locations


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