03 Edmund Street, junction with Church Street

Survivors Series 2 (2010)
Episode Two

Edmund Street (Junction with Church Street) & Snow Hill Station Car Park
Interview with series creator, Adrian Hodges. The location were the ‘family’ are reunited with a recently escaped Abby can be seen briefly at 20s into the clip. The large red arrow on the road is at the junction of Edmund Street and Church Street.

Episode two trailer shows the location in the first 05s of the clip, including the litter strewn streets and Chahak Patel sitting on the roof of the car park of Snow Hill station.

More Information
Zoe Tapper, who played Anya, has some details on her website about the Birmingham filming in Edmund Street
Flickr – Newhall Street after filming
Flickr – Edmund Street after filming, showing “Abby We’re Here” banner

Survivors Series 2 on DVD at Amazon

Hustle Series 6 (2010)
Episode Five 

Albert fires Sean at the corner of Edmund Street and Church Street (Bar One Five Eight) 03m24s into this clip
Sean meeting Mervyn Lloyd (Daniel Mays) in the Billiard Room at Hotel Du Vin, Church Street also features between 04m27s & 06m58s in the same clip.

More Information
Hustle Series 6 on DVD at Amazon

Hustle Series 7 (2011)
Episode Six 

Albert walks his daughter back to The Berwick Hotel (Hotel Du Vin entrance on Church Street) 04m02s to 04m46s into the clip

More Information
Hustle Series 7 on DVD at Amazon

Hustle Series 8 (2012)
Episode Six 

Emma & Sean check into the Hotel at 46m25s (Hotel Du Vin reception)
The gang gather in the hotel room following the huge con they pulled on Madani Wasem at 49m35s (Hotel Du Vin room).
Video of the scenes above can be found on the Barwick Street location page 

Adrian Lester confirmed on Twitter that the escape up the staircase in the hotel were the last scenes filmed for the final episode of the final ever series.

More Information
Hustle Series 8 Episode 6 on the BBC

  1. Filming in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter | btvfloc

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