05 Margaret Street

WPC 56 (2013)
Episode One

Margaret Street
Brinford Police Station was Birmingham & Midland Institute on Margaret Street doubled as the exterior of the station.

Brinford Police Station

Brinford Police Station – WPC56

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WPC 56 on the BBC

Hustle Series 7 (2011)
Episode Three

Margaret Street
Another scene where three locations represent one. The Margaret Street School of Art was used as the exterior of Houghton Auctioneers Ltd (13m 53s in the clip below) but the interior was filmed at Highbury Hall in Moseley.

You can see the exterior of the auction house again at 04m 25s in the clip below but can also see the gang exit the auction house and walk down the Thames at 07m 44s into the clip. Ah, the magic of TV.

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Hustle Series 7 on DVD at Amazon

Hustle Series 8 (2012)
Episode Four

Edmund Street/Chamberlain Square
Preparing for the robbery of the Lucien Egg at the Tenguiz Gallery took place at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery – 13m 47s into the clip. You will also spot Eden Place, off Colmore Row, right at the start of the clip.

Later the same episode the robbery took place at the same location and included a drive into the car park – scene at 12m 16s. You may also recognise Opus Restaurant, Cornwall St, where Mickey has lunch with the Devilles (John Barrowman & Raquel Cassidy).

More Information
Hustle Series 8 Episode 4 on the BBC

Hustle Series 8 (2012)
Episode Five

The  Waterhall, Edmund Street
The offices of Weinstein De Vere where Dale Ridley is invited to finalise the property deal. The interior can be seen from 00m 13s and the exterior, including a carefully placed fake sign, at 01m 05s and again at 08m 18s. You may also spot Bennett’s Hill, Pinfold Street and even Curzon Street in this video clip.

More Information
Hustle Series 8 Episode 5 on the BBC

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