06 Victoria Square

Take Me High (1974 Cliff Richard Movie)

Victoria Square, and various Birmingham City Centre locations ending at Gas Street
Cliff starts off inside the Council House, Victoria Square and then takes in many Birmingham landmarks during the next 3m 30s journey to Gas Street.
Watch ‘Winning’ on You Tube

Some archive footage from the Burntwood Blue Birds taken during the filming of Take Me High in 1973.

More Information
You may be able to pick up a copy of Cliff Richard’s Take Me High DVD on eBay
Take Me High feature in a digital copy of Photoplay Film Monthly – January 1974
A modern take on Cliff’s journey by WalsallWatchMaster on You Tube – Shot in 2011

Brassed Off  (1996 Movie)

Birmingham Town Hall
The  Grimley Colliery Band play the William Tell Overture at the Royal Albert Hall (Filmed inside Birmingham Town Hall, Victoria Square)

Danny (Pete Postlethwaite)  delivers a passionate speech about the state of the coal mining industry and the effect of the Government’s pit closure program. Filmed in Birmingham’s Town Hall, doubling as London’s Albert Hall

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Brassed Off
in available on DVD at Amazon

Privilege (1967 Movie)

Birmingham Town Hall
Steven Shorter (Paul Jones) gives a strange performance of ‘Set Me Free’ from within a cage to an adoring crowd at Birmingham’s Town Hall, as seen in this trailer. Also see this compilation of still images on You Tube

More Information
Get Privilege on DVD or Blu-Ray at Amazon (BFI Movies)

Tezz  (2012)

Victoria Square and various other Birmingham locations
Large explosion near the Queen Victoria statue is clearly shown at 02m34s in the trailer for the Hindi movie due for release in April 2012. The trailer is a series of very quick cut scenes, but you may still spot the Birmingham canals and New Street station in amongst them.

More Information
Tezz on the IMDB

On Dangerous Ground (1996 TV Movie)

Pinfold Street , Off Victoria Square
Sean Dillon (Rob Lowe) takes a walk down Pinfold Street and enters a door numbered 51 and later leaves in a basket marked 61. You can clearly see Birmingham New Street station and the Victoria Square Cafe in the clip, despite the movie being set in the Hammersmith and Acton area of London.

Unfortunately, video clips of On Dangerous Ground, shot around Birmingham New Street (standing in for London Euston) have now been removed from You Tube.

More Information
On Dangerous Ground on DVD at Amazon

Hustle  Series 6 (2010)
Episode One

Victoria House, Victoria Square – Stands in for Western Bank of California, London
Ash checks out the ‘Western Bank of California’ and you can see the fake signs and post box that have been added by the production team. The banker also takes his lunch in EAT on New Street.

More Information
Hustle camera crew filming this episode in Victoria Square (That post box crops up yet again)
Hustle Series 6 on DVD at Amazon

Dancing on the Edge (2012)

Council House, Victoria Square

Dancing on the Edge filming at the Council House

Stephen Poliakoff’s 1930s period drama Dancing on the Edge during filming at Birmingham’s Council House in January 2012.

The image left, taken on 23rd January 2012, shows the TV lighting rigs on platforms outside the Council House illuminating the upper floor where the set of a 1930s London hotel had been created. They also used the banqueting suite for a Christmas ball complete with a 21ft Christmas tree. Dancing on the Edge is due on our screens later in 2012.

Writer and producer Stephen Poliakoff was interviewed on the BBC about the background to the drama and the filming locations used in Birmingham.

You can watch the interview on the BBC Website

More Information
BBC Press release for Dancing on the Edge
Update – 19 March 2012 – Dancing on the Edge Trailer
The Council house ‘Hotel’ scenes can be seen at 01m32s where Masterson (John Goodman) is standing by the reception desk.

Creative England Facebook Photo Album shows behind the scenes on the production including more shots of Victoria Square and the Council House.

Gangsters (1976)
Episode One 

Victoria Square

Kline and Khan drive through the streets of 1970s Birmingham from 07m30s into the clip, passing through Victoria Square at 07m55s. Other sights include the former Bull Ring, Smallbrook Queensway and Broad Street.

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