10 Bridge Street

Survivors Series 2 (2010)
Episode One

Former ATV Studios, Bridge Street
Looking for urgent medical supplies to save the shot Greg, the ‘family’ members break into Manchester Royal Infirmary (former ATV Studios) where with some clever CGI they get trapped as the building collapses.

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Hustle Series 7 (2011)
Episode 4 

Former ATV Studios, Bridge Street
The gang use an NLP technique to force the mark to pick the correct box of cigarettes. As part of the plan Sean sprays “The Clock Is Ticking” graffiti on the wall (06m29s) and the truck and mark pass the signs at 08m45s.

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Hustle Series 7 on DVD at Amazon

Tiswas (1970s)

Former ATV Studios, Bridge Street
The presenters, studio guests and audience take part in a conga around the Birmingham city centre (also stopping off in Blackpool). They are seen exiting the studio complex into Bridge Street before making their way down the ramp towards Alpha Tower and then into the public toilets on Stephenson Street.

1981 – The final Bucket of Water Supporters Club outside the studios, probably due to the volume of water thrown, on Bridge Street. This was before the redevelopment of the Broad Street area as the construction of the Hyatt Hotel has not yet started.

More Information
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Crossroads (1975)

Former Birmingham Registry Office (now House of Sport), corner of Broad Street & Bridge Street
The wedding of Meg Richardson to Hugh Mortimer took place at the registry office on Broad Street (corner of Bridge Street), as the couple were both divorced. They followed the wedding service with a blessing at St Philips Cathedral on Colmore Row.

Archive Photo outside the Registry Office from  PAPhotos.co.uk

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