11 Gas Street

Hustle Series 7 (2011)
Episode Two

Gas Street Basin, Canalside Cafe
Emma & Joe catch up over a drink by the canal in Gas Street. The scene can be found at 12m33s into the video. This is the only episode of Hustle to be set in Birmingham. If you watch the whole clip you will see that Victoria Square, Cornwall Street, Alpha Tower, The Mailbox, Symphony Court and Selfridges make appearances, all without the need to pretend they are actually in London instead.

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Hustle Series 7 on DVD at Amazon 

Take Me High (1974)

Gas Street Basin
After Cliff’s meandering walk across Birmingham from Victoria Square he finally ends up at Gas Street when he buys an old canal boat which he transforms into a luxury water home. A few things to note here.

  • Freeze the video at 02m50s and you will see the now sadly demolished grand Church of the Messiah on Broad Street which used to be located roughly where Ozzy Osborne’s Star now stands. 
  • At around the 04m00s mark you may notice that the skyline behind Cliff is a little bare as this clip pre-dates the Hyatt Hotel development by about 15 years. 
  • One other noticeable absentee is the canal bridge which was added much later, in this clip the wooden swing bridge is the only way across the bar lock.

More Information
Flickr Image of the Broad Street canal tunnel from 1973, the Brumburger bar can be seen above the tunnel in front of the church spire
Flickr Image of Gas Street Basin in Spring 1973, around the time Take Me High was filmed

Crossroads (1972-1976)

Canalside Cottage (now Cafe), Gas Street
The character of Wilf Harvey first appeared in Crossroads in 1972 and appeared regularly until the death of the actor Morris Parsons in 1976. The exterior of his canal side home was this cottage in Gas Street basin. The character of Vera Downend lived on a canal barge in the basin.

The Canalside Cafe was the location of the canalside cottage owned by Wilf Harvey in Crossroads between 1972 and 1976.

More Information
Flickr image of the Gas Street basin in the 1970s – Wilf Harvey’s cottage is on the left of the image
Crossroad’s Happiest Family article on Crossroads Retold website

Gangsters (1975)
Play For Today 

Gas Street Basin
Gas Street canal basin can be seen at 08m07s into the clip as Kline escapes along the canal from Malleson and his gang of thugs

More Information
Gangsters The Complete Series on DVD at Amazon

  1. Take Me High – FREE Birmingham Screening | btvfloc

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