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Line of Duty – Episode One Locations Mapped

Line of Duty Episode One – 26th June 2012 – Location Map

Line of Duty is one of the featured shows on the Birmingham TV & Film Tour

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Nightingales over Snobs

During the TV & Film tour on Saturday 16th June one attendee, @B12Simon, mentioned a show that had slipped through the location spotting net. Not being one to let a Birmingham linked show pass me by I came home and looked it up.


The Alamo produced comedy for Channel 4 told the story of three night watchmen (there was a fourth who was a corpse) in an office block somewhere in the UK.  It starred Robert Lindsay (Citizen Smith & My Family), David Threlfall (Shameless) & James Ellis (Z-Cars) and ran for 13 episodes over two series (1990 & 1993) and a Christmas special in 1992.

The Birmingham link only appeared in the opening and closing credits and carefully selected cityscape shots but you can clearly see the Offices above Snobs, the Town Hall, the Brunel Street (red caged) car park and the now demolished footbridge across the A38 Suffolk Street Queensway. I’d suggest that the high floors of the 28-storey Alpha Tower would be the only location the opening and closing panning shots could have been made from, which qualifies Nightingales as a show shot on location in Birmingham.

Wolverhampton born series writer Paul Makin drew on his experience from his former NEC nightwatchman job to create this surreal cult comedy series, and went on to write episodes of Goodnight Sweetheart (1995-1997) and Chef which starred Lenny Henry, giving this story another Birmingham TV link.

Episode One of Nightingales on You Tube


“There’s nobody here but us chickens”

Thanks to @B12Simon for the tip off, great shout.

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More Feedback about June 16th Tours

Great to see people tweeting about the tours today, here are a few of the ones I’ve seen;

and finally B12Simon has posted a few pictures of the tour on his Flickr Photostream


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June 2012 Tours

The BTVFLOC tour had another great run out today, and this time around I was delighted to be joined by Sindy Campbell from Film Birmingham who added some great tales of filming experiences and challenges around the city. Sindy also provided exclusive access to a stunning location for the tour finale which was a great way to conclude today’s discovery of Birmingham’s rich and varied TV & Film history.

It’s a well known fact now that when it rains during the English summer that you can fully expect a song or two from Cliff Richard, well we didn’t quite manage that today, but he did get a couple of mentions along the tour route so we did our bit to try to bring out the sun.

Despite the fairly miserable June weather, both of today’s tour groups were very friendly and enthusiastic which made it a real pleasure to deliver the tour content and it was great to be able to hand over to Sindy at various locations to give the groups a different perspective on the shows that were being discussed.  Each person had their own memories of many of the shows covered and there were a lot of questions asked so the tours had a very interactive feel to them. I like it when that happens as it sparks conversations while en route, which is always nice.

The highlight for many was the visit inside the Grade II listed former Birmingham Municipal Bank on Broad Street. Placed at the end of the tour it was the perfect conclusion to the walk, and not only because it was drier and warmer than the weather outside. The banking hall, although now stripped of fixtures and fittings, is still a room of great interest with many reminders of its former glory still very visible, but it was the visit down to the safe deposit room that drew a number of audible gasps from the tour groups.

The immediate feedback after each tour was really positive and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience. There have also been a number of tweets posted giving further feedback and reviews of individual experiences, here are a few of the comments received so far;

A massive thank you to Sindy Campbell (Film Birmingham) for collaborating with me on this tour and providing us with access to a great location to end the tour and thank you to everyone that  braved the appalling June weather we are having to wander the streets of Birmingham with us both this afternoon.

Both Sindy and I are keen to run further tours in the future and hope to get another tour date set for around September, so watch this space…

Mark (@Sparks68)

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Line of Duty – BBC Two

A full six months after filming in Birmingham finished the BBC have finally announced that the five part police corruption drama Line of Duty will air on BBC Two at 9pm on 26th June 2012.

The Birmingham TV & Film Tour on June 16th reveals the filming location of the police station used for the series along with many other TV & Films made in and around Birmingham city centre.

See BBC Media Pack for more information.

Line of Duty is one of the featured shows on the Birmingham TV & Film Tour

Line of Duty cast

Line of Duty starts 26th June 2012

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