BBC Pilot Starts Shooting in Birmingham

The latest BBC show to use Birmingham for its base is a new TV Pilot for the successful BBC Radio Four series ‘Rudy’s Rare Records‘.  After four successful series of the radio show, writer Danny Robins has created a script for a pilot TV episode for the BBC and with it brings one of the stars of the radio series, Lenny Henry, back to where it all started.

The radio show tells the story of Rudy Sharpe (Larrington Walker) and his old reggae record shop in Birmingham. Lenny Henry plays Adam, Rudy’s son, and he is forced to move in with his father in a flat above the old record shop. With the plots centred around the record shop, which boasts “if we don’t have it – them don’t mek it”, and the chaos vs. calm, father and son relationship of the main characters it seems it will translate well to the small screen, however, it does seem to have taken a while to get to the TV pilot stage, so nothing is certain yet for a full series.

Broadcast Now first reported of a transfer to TV of Rudy’s Rare Records back in April 2010, about the same time reports of Adil Ray’s Mr Khan making the same switch from his Asian Network radio show, and we all know which one of those came off first.  The Daily Mail also reported the same story, quoting the previous success of Miranda, which started out on Radio Four as ‘Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop’.

However it now seems that four years on, the radio show has moved a step closer to BBC TV series as a number of large Film and TV trucks rolled into Birmingham on Sunday 9th March to start a one week shoot on a pilot episode.

Lenny Henry tweeted on 7th March to confirm that the show begins shooting this week, although I would imagine that the majority of the action will take place inside the shop of flat we may still see some filming on the streets of Birmingham if the full series gets the go ahead.

You can hear clips of the Radio Four series on the Rudy’s Rare Records BBC website.


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