Lenny Splashes Down In Brum

With the TV Pilot of Rudy’s Rare Records just over halfway through their week long shoot in Birmingham they have created a fair amount of excitement down by the canal today with plenty of Twitter users spotting Lenny Henry in his cycling gear filming a scene for the show.

Lenny did tip us off earlier today that there would be some bike action and warned us to look out

Just before 11am attendees of the Jisc Digital Festival at the ICC were distracted by the sight of Lenny Henry in a bright orange cycling shirt, with the added protection of a cycle helmet, going through a number of carefully choreographed routines that suggested he was riding a bike down some steps, before being replaced by a stunt double for the real ride down the steps towards the canal.

Other passers by managed to snap Lenny as he was kept warm by the crew between shots

It all ended up a little wet and soggy for the star of the show as he got a close look at the bottom of the Birmingham canal just outside Brindleyplace, which was probably long overdue soaking for the former TISWAS star who dished out more than his fair share of water punishment during his time on the Saturday morning show.

NOTE: For those concerned I can confirm that no Lenny’s were harmed during the filming of this scene.

Update – Friday 14th March

The trucks have moved out and it looks like filming in the temporary film studios, close to the former ATV studios off Broad Street have completed, however, Lenny has been spotted out on Fulham Road, Sparkbrook, once again in his cycling gear, so it’s a good job he’s recently shed nearly three stone in a health related diet.

It seems the cycling story will feature quite heavily in the TV pilot episode but alas it appears it will never be seen. According to comedy news website Chortle, the pilot episode is not-for-broadcast, so we can only hope it’s a success and a full series gets the green light.  It would be great to see Lenny filming a full series in the Midlands and with Rudy’s and Danny and the Human Zoo both looking likely it does seem he will be back in the near future…and it seems he’s enjoyed his return too


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