WPC 56 returns, but changes are coming…

With WPC 56 making a welcome return to our TV screens this week, it’s worth a quick review of how the staff of Brinford Police Station have changed over the last three years. Series three is scheduled to start on Monday 9th March, with Sgt Sidney Fenton the only survivor from the group photo from the first series.  So here is a collection of promotional images that show the changes in personnel since we first visited Brinford in 2013.

Series One

A repeat of series one of the BBC Birmingham produced drama WPC 56 began at 2.15pm Monday 23rd February on BBC One.

The drama set in the 1950s shows the battles that WPC Gina Dawson has being the first female police officer at the Brinford police station in a male dominated profession. If you missed episode one it will be available on BBC iPlayer for the next month and the remainder of series one airs daily at 2.15pm for the rest of this week (23rd – 28th February 2015).

Series One Cast - 2013

WPC 56 Series One Cast: Left to Right: Sgt Pratt (Gerard Horan), Cathy Sinclair (Justine Cain), PC Eddie Coulson (Chris Overton), WPC Gina Dawson (Jennie Jacques), DI Jack Burns (Kieran Bew) , Sgt Sidney Fenton (Charlie De’Ath), Chief Inspector Roger Nelson (John Light).

Image Source: BBC Birmingham PR Twitter.

Series Two

Series two repeats from Monday 2nd March 2015 and introduces us to a number of new characters to the Brinford beat, but still features the same edgy and gritty story lines that we saw in series one. Series two features a large number of on location scenes filmed at The Black Country Living Museum in Dudley.

WPC 56 Series Two Cast

WPC 56 Series Two Cast: Left to Right: Sgt Sidney Fenton (Charlie De’Ath), Chief Constable Arthur Coulson (John Bowler), Chief Inspector Walter Briggs (Mark Healy), WPC Gina Dawson (Jennie Jacques), PC Tommy Perkins (Liam Jeavons), DI Max Harper (Ben Turner), Sgt John Swift (James Barriscale), Susie Nightingale (Rachel Leskovac).

Image Source: BBC WPC 56 Programme page

Series Three

Series three has now been confirmed as starting on Monday 9th March and BBC Birmingham PR have released this image of the team that will lead us through the next series of five episodes of life in and around Brinford. Some clues to the characters we’ll see, story lines and locations can be found elsewhere on this site.

WPC 56 Series Three Cast

WPC 56 Series Three Cast: Left to Right: Sgt Sidney Fenton (Charlie De’Ath), Chief Constable Arthur Coulson (John Bowler), Susie Nightingale (Rachel Leskovac), Sgt John Swift (James Barriscale), DI Harry Sawyer (Oliver Rix), WPC Annie Taylor (Claudia Jessie), Chief Inspector Walter Briggs (Mark Healy), PC Tommy Perkins (Liam Jeavons).

Image Source: BBC Birmingham PR Twitter.




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  1. #1 by Elizabeth Marlowe on April 30, 2017 - 7:47 pm

    Watched the first series got hooked on the Dawson/Burns story and chemistry and then disappointment. I hate it when they so radically change the series. Stopped watching after series 2 episode 3. Won’t come back for more.

    • #2 by sparks68 on April 30, 2017 - 8:00 pm

      Shame. Series 2 was really good and series 3 was probably my favourite of all three. The programme makers can’t control the careers of the cast so they have to change things unexpectedly at times. Maybe you should give them another watch to see what you missed.

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