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Danny and the Human Zoo almost wrapped

You’re a star, superstar
On you go, it’s your finest hour
And I know that you’ll go far
‘Cause you’re … in Perry Barr

This week saw the cast of the Lenny Henry penned drama Danny and the Human Zoo filming at the Banqueting Palace in Perry Barr, Birmingham for what appears to be a talent show scene for the story based on Lenny’s early career.

In scenes that promise to put the semi finals of Britain’s Got Talent to shame the acts booked for the filming included a unicyclist, mime artist, ventriloquist, magician, stilt walker, contortionist, a woman with a dog and six minstrals. Some of these acts can be seen in a Facebook post by contortionist, Rebecca Hannah. There was even a clown/juggler, seen in this photo posted by Red Production Co;

We can assume that Kascion Franklin, who plays the shows main protagonist, Danny Fearon was present for the filming as the character of Jonesy was there as confirmed by this photo of Perry Barr, posted by actor Arthur Darvill, who plays the moustachioed, flare wearing, Jensen Interceptor driving, manager of the young comedy star.

It appears that the shoot is reaching its conclusion as confirmation that the Fearon family have already wrapped was posted by Cherrelle Skeete on Instagram earlier this week. Cherrelle plays Danny’s sister Dee Dee and the picture also shows Danny’s Mom, Myrtle Fearon, played by Cecilia Noble.

The last week has also seen Oliver and James Phelps making an appearance, both sporting their seventies moustaches and shirts, as seen in this image posted by Leonie Elliott;

Finally today we grabbed the first glimpse of Danny’s girlfriend, Bridget O’Riordan, played by Harry Potter star, Evanna Lynch as she posted a trailer selfie image of the seventies look that has been created for the show.

Filmed in and around the West Midlands area, as well as a short visit north to Blackpool, Danny and the Human Zoo completes filming very soon and the finished result is expected on our TV screens in 2015.


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Monochrome Movie Trailer Released

Monochrome is the latest movie from Tom Lawes, the owner of The Electric Cinema, in Birmingham’s Station Street, and the director of the 2012 documentary The Last Projectionist.

With some scenes shot on Broad Street and Colmore Row, Tom has remained true to his local roots, having been a pupil at Handsworth Grammar School and has made great use of these Birmingham locations to create a his Monochrome world.

The psychological thriller tells the story of Emma, a disillusioned young woman who escapes to the country after her boyfriend is arrested over millions of pounds of stolen pension funds. She relies on casual work from wealthy landowners to survive, but reacts with extreme violence against her controlling employers, turning her into one of the country’s most wanted killers.

The newly formed British Crime Agency hire a brilliant detective with the unusual neurological condition of synesthesia, to track Emma down. Will his unusual skills find her before she kills again and can he solve the secret of the hidden millions?

The film stars Jo Woodcock (Land Girls) and singer songwriter Cosmo Jarvis. The supporting cast includes BAFTA winner James Cosmo (Game of Thrones), Patrice Naiambana (Highlander: The Source), Lee Boardman (London Boulevard) and Steve Jackson (Coronation Street) and Liz May Brice (Black Mirror).

There is no official release date as yet, but the official movie trailer was released earlier today, and you can see it below;

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Danny and the Human Zoo begins filming

The BBC drama Danny and the Human Zoo started production filming on May 3rd 2015. The cast and crew have already been spotted in Moseley, Birmingham as it doubles as 1970s Dudley for this Lenny Henry written show, based on his early career while growing up in the West Midlands.

Here are some of the tweets of the week that have tracked the production;

The week before filming started the cast had a read-through session in Dudley, as this tweet from Red Production Co. shows, they looked pretty happy with how things were going;

Actor Jack Loxton grew up in Halesowen and has secured a role in the show following a number of successful stage show appearances;

From Kascion Franklin, the young Birmingham actor, who plays the lead role

Red Production Co. revealed this factory/industrial location on the 7th May 2015;

and Birmingham News (@DailyBrum) also shared a picture from inside the factory, which is a foundry on the Vaughan Trading Estate in Dudley Port, Tipton.

On the 8th May 2015, Moseley Forum, shared details of a local road closure as the production took over a ‘Dudley’ street;

Kascion Franklin also gave us another cast member as he snapped this photo with Lenny Henry and Hamilton Brenton;

this was clearly after he had been rescued from his trailer though

and finally we got to see the whole of the Fearon family in all their 1970s glory, thanks to Barry Butler;

It’s great to see this show start it’s production and if the Moseley Forum tweet is accurate it seems we will get to see the results this summer.

Look out for Danny and the Human Zoo filming in and around the West Midlands for the next few weeks.

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Music Videos at Birmingham Municipal Bank

Electric Swing Circus - Valentine

Electric Swing Circus filming Valentine in the Safe Deposit vault

The former Municipal Bank on Broad Street has seen a fair amount of filming action since it closed its banking doors in October 1998.

TV Shows making use of the space in the years since the Lloyds TSB branch closed include, Hustle, Line of Duty, Toast, Survivors (All BBC) and movies filmed there include We Are The Freaks, Monochrome and Spooks: The Greater Good.

However, it’s not always big production dramas, there have also been a number of music promotional videos filmed in this versatile space and here are just four of them.

  • The Electric Swing Circus – Valentine
    A six piece electro swing band based in Birmingham and signed to Ragtime Records, filmed the video for the track Valentine in March 2013.

The band also released a video blog about the filming process and photographer Eve Hazelton also produced a diary page about the shoot, explaining how the original storyline was quickly changed to make full use of this great location.

  • A Hero At Heart – Holmes
    An unsigned Metalcore Birmingham band, influenced by the likes of Parkway Drive and A Day To Remember, filmed inside the Bank and also on the roof, giving viewers some great fleeting views of Centenary Square.

The video makes use of one of the paneled office rooms on the first floor of the Bank as well as some clips filmed on a snowy rooftop.

  • The Catharsis – O’Recluse
    A Rock/Punk Hardcore group, again from Birmingham, who took over the Banking hall and the safe deposit vault in December 2012.

This video and the previous one from A Hero At Heart were both produced by Life Is Art Films.

  • A Promise To Forget – The Secrets That We Keep
    Another Birmingham group, A Promise To Forget are a Rock/Alternative band who formed in 2012.

Performing an ‘as live’ set in the Banking Hall the band have created a great looking video.

You too can explore this great ‘Hidden Space’ by booking a FREE ticket to the next Birmingham TV & Film Location walk on 23rd May 2015 at 11am by clicking the button below.

Eventbrite - Birmingham TV & Film Location Walking Tours -  2015

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