Danny and the Human Zoo begins filming

The BBC drama Danny and the Human Zoo started production filming on May 3rd 2015. The cast and crew have already been spotted in Moseley, Birmingham as it doubles as 1970s Dudley for this Lenny Henry written show, based on his early career while growing up in the West Midlands.

Here are some of the tweets of the week that have tracked the production;

The week before filming started the cast had a read-through session in Dudley, as this tweet from Red Production Co. shows, they looked pretty happy with how things were going;

Actor Jack Loxton grew up in Halesowen and has secured a role in the show following a number of successful stage show appearances;

From Kascion Franklin, the young Birmingham actor, who plays the lead role

Red Production Co. revealed this factory/industrial location on the 7th May 2015;

and Birmingham News (@DailyBrum) also shared a picture from inside the factory, which is a foundry on the Vaughan Trading Estate in Dudley Port, Tipton.

On the 8th May 2015, Moseley Forum, shared details of a local road closure as the production took over a ‘Dudley’ street;

Kascion Franklin also gave us another cast member as he snapped this photo with Lenny Henry and Hamilton Brenton;

this was clearly after he had been rescued from his trailer though

and finally we got to see the whole of the Fearon family in all their 1970s glory, thanks to Barry Butler;

It’s great to see this show start it’s production and if the Moseley Forum tweet is accurate it seems we will get to see the results this summer.

Look out for Danny and the Human Zoo filming in and around the West Midlands for the next few weeks.


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