Danny and the Human Zoo – Mon 31st Aug 2015

In the week before the screen debut of Lenny Henry’s semi-biographical story of a young comedian growing up in and finding fame in Dudley, Roz Laws in the Birmingham Evening Mail has been running a few stories about the making of the show and what to expect when it goes out on Monday 31st August.

Lenny Henry on the things he wished his father had said

Arthur Darvill’s on creating a 1970’s sleazeball

Behind the scenes on the set of Danny and the Human Zoo

In the articles Roz reveals some of the locations used by the production team when making the show, they include;

  • Banqueting Palace on Birchfield Road, Aston
  • Margaret Street, Birmingham
  • Moseley Village, Birmingham
  • Claughton Community Centre, Dudley
  • Dudley Market
  • Fountain Arcade, Dudley
  • Dudley Zoo and Castle
  • Koh-i-Noor Restaurant on Bristol Street, Birmingham
  • Albany Theatre, Coventry
  • Buffery Park, Dudley
  • Netherton canal tunnel
  • Thomas Dudley Foundry, Dudley
  • Blackpool North Pier Theatre – The only non-Midlands location used

Look out for these and other familiar locations during the 90 minute drama at 9pm on Bank Holiday Monday.

If you missed the show you can catch it on iPlayer until 28th September and if you are still unsure if you should watch then check out these twitter comments that were posted during or shortly after it aired.  It was a huge hit.


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