Birmingham Locations – Flatpack Festival

It seems entirely appropriate, considering where my walking tour started, that I make you aware of a number of events that Flatpack festival have organised to celebrate ‘Birmingham on Film.’

The highlights for me, as they all feature along the route of my walking tours, are;

In addition my tour partners at Film Birmingham are joining Flatpack for a behind the scenes look at some of the productions made in Birmingham that will give a greater insight into the world of the location scout in the ‘City of a Thousand Locations event.’

You will find me on the Still Walking curated tour ‘Looking for Kline‘ which also forms part of this festival, as well forming part of a series of walking tours curated by Ben Waddington, as I attempt to increase my own knowledge of the locations used by the TV series Gangsters from walk leader, artist Darryl Georgiou.

There are 22 events in total to check out in this celebration of Birmingham on Film, but book quickly as places will be limited.


Paul Jones in Privilege in a scene filmed at Birmingham Town Hall


Maurice Colbourne plays John Kline in Gangsters, seen here in a scene filmed at the former Snow Hill station.


Cliff Richard in Take Me High in a scene filmed at Gas Street Basin, with Alpha Tower in the background.


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