A Few Thank Yous

My tour would not have been possible without the assistance of the following list of really helpful and lovely people.

Adrian Lester and the cast and crew of Hustle series 8 who allowed me to follow their Birmingham filming activities during last summer. I was not once asked to leave and by the end of the shooting schedule many knew me by name. I tried not to be too intrusive, which I think was recognised and certainly helped. They probably are unaware that they were the catalyst but if it wasn’t for them none of this would probably of ever have happened.

Sindy Campbell from Film Birmingham for agreeing to meet a random bloke who had just emailed her about his crazy idea to devise a walking tour of film locations in the city. She didn’t have to agree, but she did and she too was lovely and really helpful. I may not have found out about Tezz if it wasn’t for Sindy.

Lee Bannister and the crew of ATVLand in Colour for the detailed information they provided by email and in person when we finally met up in Bridge Street. Lovely people who also have a passion for TV history in Birmingham and are currently working on a new documentary about the ATV Today programme that came out of the ATV Studios on Broad Street.

Ian Francis and the team from the Flatpack festival for having faith in me to devise and deliver a tour that would continue the quality of events that Flatpack have offered over the past 6 years. Ian took a risk and I am forever grateful that he did and that he chose to include the tour on the 2012 festival programme.

Ben Waddington who is the organiser of the Still Walking festival, who I first met on his Invisible Cinema Flatpack walking tour last year. Following my initial enquiry about who I should contact about my tour I’ve met with Ben a number of times and he has helped to subtly shape the tour into what it is today with constructive feedback and by sharing his wealth of personal experience of delivering a guided tour. Ben also took a risk, based mainly on my passion for my subject matter, and again I am extremely grateful for his help and support.

The many people I have connected with on Twitter. There are far too many to list individually but if you have tweeted me about any filming in Birmingham thank you so much for taking the time to do so.

And finally, and most importantly, Deb and Dan, my wife and son, who have had to suffer my Birmingham TV obsession over the past few months, watch hours of old and new TV programmes and allowing me to clog up the Sky+ box with hours of Bullseye re-runs and almost any other shows filmed in or around Birmingham.

If you came on the tour then I hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting. Please leave any comments on each location page and also take the time to rate the location so I can understand which ones worked well and which ones are in need of fine tuning.

Thank you for visiting

Mark Wilson

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